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The Blue Knight image used in the background graphic is from a painting by Beth Turner.

Google Earth view of Southern Pines Schools

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This page is currently under construction. At this time, there are still a lot of blank pages waiting to be populated with photos from my personal collection as well as photos received by e-mail. At first, a lot of photos will be uncaptioned. If you have any identifying info to place with any photos, please let me know by e-mail so I can make additions.

When sending in additions to the Memorials page, please include the classmate's graduating year or the year he/she would have graduated had they not moved away or discontinued for whatever reason.

I have numerous photos posted on Google Earth. Photos were taken around Pinebluff Lake, Aberdeen Lake, downtown Aberdeen, Southern Pines Reservoir, downtown Southern Pines around the train station, and around the site of the former East Southern Pines High School. Make sure you have Panoramio photos selected in the options. I use the internet name of "Radiojerry" on Google Earth.


Contributor photos

All unprotected directories have been closed. At such time as photos can be properly displayed, they will be added. This action was necessary due to security concerns.


www.flickr.com/photos/jwillie Jesse Williford's flickr site with Class of 1959 photos

Moore County Historical Society

Newspaper: The Pilot - Southern Pines
Newspaper: Fayetteville Observer - Fayetteville
Newspaper: The News & Observer - Raleigh

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